Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Viking Work

As half term approaches I was wondering what everyone thought of our topic work? The vicious Vikings have given us lots of exciting lessons and some amazing homework. During the half term holiday, try and complete another 1 or 2 pieces of homework. Tasting your Viking oatmeal cakes is a particular favourite of mine!!! Well done everyone

Mr Bevan

Monday, 9 October 2017

E-safety Computing Lesson Tuesday 10th October

Problem 4:

E-safety Computing Lesson Tuesday 10th October

Problem 3:

E-safety Computing Lesson Tuesday 10th October

Problem 2:

E-safety Computing Lesson Tuesday 10th October

We will be posting some problems, which you may well encounter yourself.
Your challenge is to comment on the posts; explaining what the person should do and why.

Use your SMART knowledge!

Don't forget to log in carefully, using your screen name and password - SECRET PASSWORD! When we comment online, we have to remember to be as thoughtful and sensible as we would be in real life. Words online can be seen by anyone, and your words are your responsibility.

Mrs Lasenby and Mr Bevan

Problem 1:

Varjak Paw

We are close to the end of our amazing book 'Varjak Paw'. Our hero has left his family, been involved in countless fights and learnt the 7 skills from Jalal and Elder Paw. He has now returned home to his family of Mesopotamian Blues and rescued all the 'vanished' cats. Varjak has even made friends with a huge dog and has been made the ruler of his family! Have you enjoyed the story as much as I have? What has been your favourite part of the book? Did your predict how the story was going to end and what activity have you enjoyed doing in Literacy, linked to Varjak?
Our instruction writing will soon be complete then we will pretend to be Cludge! I look forward to hearing your comments about the heroic cat, Varjak Paw!!!

Are you SMART?

This term we always recap and extend our e-safety knowledge. We have spent a lot of time talking about games, friend requests and messaging apps, because these are the main things we use.

Safe - keep all your personal information safe! This includes your real and full name, your age, your address, your school and so on.
Meet - never agree to meet anyone online in real life! If someone asks you then you need to tell an adult. They might not be who they say they are.
Accepting - don't click on any links or friend requests from people you don't know! It could be a virus, or the person might not be very nice.
Reliable - not all information online is true! Some websites post incorrect information about things, places and people. You need to check a variety of sources and compare what you find.
Tell - tell an adult if you get that funny feeling in your belly! Something might be wrong so you can get advice from an adult.

Class McCartney