Friday, 23 February 2018

Friday, 5 January 2018

All around the world 🌏

This term, our topic is all about geography. We will be studying maps and atlases to locate the world's countries, with a focus on Europe, North and South America. We will also be looking at the environmental regions, the key physical and human characteristics, and the capital cities of the countires within these continents.

As an introduction to the topic, we completed jigsaw puzzles of specific continents and used them to locate counties within those areas.

We had great fun!

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Equalities week: Body Image

Body image is the way you view other people, but also yourself, based on the way they look. Some people are unkind to others because they think they don’t look right. Some people don’t like their own bodies, and can be unkind to themselves.

We wanted to celebrate our differences in our bodies because they make us who we are!

We watched Monsters University and were introduced to characters who all looked a little strange, but each one was good at something different because of how they looked. Mike didn’t look scary and so everyone was mean to him, but he was very clever and knew the strategies to scaring every child.

We drew our favourite monsters and labelled them with what was AMAZING about them.

Equalities week: Disability

On Wednesday we learnt about different disabilities. Lots of us didn’t know that you can have disabilities that you can’t see, such as learning disabilities or health problems inside. We all knew about physical disabilities and the Paralympics.

We read a story about someone in a wheelchair who went to a Special School. They couldn’t play competitions with other schools because the games weren’t suitable. So the teacher found a game called Botcha, which they were all great at. They even started a local league and then went through to the Nationals in London.

We learnt that it’s important to empathise with someone with a disability, and to help when necessary, but that disabled people want to be as independent as possible too.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Scratch: developing a game - backgrounds and characters

Today we made our background and character for our game. We had to edit and paint the Stage which is the background and include the parts our character has to avoid in our game. Some of us had to add in the bits the character would need to collect. We then made our character, either by importing a premise one and editing or drawing it ourself.

Equalities week: Race

Today we talked about how sometimes people are treated differently, and often not nicely, because of the colour of their skin or where they or their family comes from.

We celebrated all of our heritages in class, and used to create digital self portraits which let us accurately choose or create the colour of our skin.

We noticed that ALL OF US have different skin colours and shades, but we’re all fantastic too!

Monday, 20 November 2017

Equalities week: Gender

This afternoon we spoke about what we expect boys/men and girls/women to be like. It was interesting to see that some people think that women can’t do certain jobs, but also that men can’t do things like design clothes or do make up.

We looked at the plots from Disney films and noticed that most of the heroes are men, but also that even if the hero is a heroine then she usually has to give something up, like Rapunzel in Tangled who saved Finn but has to giver up her magical hair. However it’s not just the woman who aren’t portrayed fairly. The men in Disney films tend to be huge and so much larger than the female characters.

We watched Brave, which is a Disney film about a Scottish princess called Merida. She isn’t your usual princess, and has messy hair and loves to fight. Then we designed our own Disney hero.